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Excellent Billing Services

Front Desk Office

We have a team of front desk support specialists with significant training and experience

Medical Billing & Coding Services

Our (CPC-CBP) Certified coder with multiple specialty experience perform the best coding services in the industry, they are updated with new guidelines in the industry

Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

Infinity Billing Solutions is a complete medical billing solution as we frequently follow-up on each and every claim submitted to insurance company until it is processed and resolved.

Credentialing & Enrollment

We provide credentialing services to several individual providers and hospitals and enroll physicians in both government and private insurance networks.

Out of Network Negotiation

Negotiating Out of Network claims is an important feature of Out of network billing especially for Hospitals and Free Standing Emergency Rooms.

Collections & Reporting

Coming Soon

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Our comprehensive medical billing services ensure that our clients get the highest possible reimbursement while paying less overall. Our staff does more than just monitor your account; it actively manages it.

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